Medicare Supplements

Turning 65 and confused by Medicare supplement plans? Let us simplify them for you as we do for thousands of NH seniors.

Medicare Advantage

Let us see if you have access to a Medicare Advantage program in your county. Then let us help you understand its benefits for you.

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Need us? We are here to help. Call us toll-free at 800-662-5100 or in NH at TUXedo 2-6591 (882-6591; the same number Lenny Dobens had when he started in the insurance business in 1957).

Our Founder (and Father)


Lenny Dobens (1932-2014) was a legend in the Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage business in his home state of New Hampshire, typically selling more polices in a year than many insurance companies. Having started his insurance career in 1957 with The New York Life, Lenny saw the need for a Medicare specialist who could help seniors through the confusing world of government programs.  His love of his clients and dedication to providing the highest level of service drives our company today. Click Here to read more.

Medicare supplement plans:

YOu have questions. we have solutions.

Part D Drug Programs

Complete our on-line secure form,including what medications you are taking, and let us find you the right plan.